Our Leaders

Mr. Mrugank Shah

Board Director

Mr. Mrugank Shah, the founder of TEVOS Pharmaceuticals foresees functions and directions for the company. Mr. Mrugank Shah is a young and dynamic entrepreneur with his visionary quality who took over the company in 2017. Under his leadership, TEVOS Pharmaceuticals has captured its place in the top pharmaceutical companies and aspires for more in the near future. Moreover, Mr. Mrugank Shah wishes to foster a pleasant workplace at TEVOS that will further build a healthy and positive working environment. His emphasis is on professional organizational growth, precise execution and operational efficiencies to build a strong and globally competitive pharma business platform. Mr. Mrugank Shah has also guided the group’s entry and growth in the pharma industry. TEVOS Pharmaceuticals has systematically improved its performance on all efficiency parameters and ranks amongst the best pharma utilities in the country and worldwide. Mr Mrugank Shah craves to build a prosperous enterprise that can serve society. Under his guidance, the company grew, earned profits and expanded its reach to over 12 states across India.

Mr. Jatin Shah

Board Director

Mr. Jatin Shah has experience of 35+ years in the pharmaceutical industry of India, he brings his valuable insights and guidance to TEVOS Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Jatin Shah, the father of Mr. Mrugank Shah is working in the pharma field since 1980. In TEVOS. Mr. Jatin Shah oversees the ordering and supply chain management as a key job role in TEVOS Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Haresh Shah

Board Director

Mr. Haresh Shah is one of the Board directors and main pillar at TEVOS Pharmaceuticals. At the age of 65, he has contributed to the growth of TEVOS Pharmaceuticals every day. He is also a part of Shah & Kothari firms since 35 years. The firm has the distribution of more than 35 companies. Mr. Haresh Shah oversees the ordering and supply chain management as a key job role in TEVOS Pharmaceuticals.